Why I Started Eating Meat After 7 Years

Obviously it came as a shock to many when I decided to start eating animals after being vegetarian for the past 7 years. Not only that, but I just got my hunting license! So I wanted to write a detailed account of my experience and share my journey. When people

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Why A Shower Filter Should Be Your Top Priority?!

Chlorine in tap water not only damages hair and skin, but did you know it also has been linked to premature aging, heart attacks, reproductive issues & cancer? The same chlorine used as a chemical weapon in the world wars, Iraq and recently Syria, permeates your house and body every

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Upgrade to a HEPA Car Cabin Filter

I just replaced my car cabin air filter and look how terrible it was! Clean air is so important for your heart and lungs especially on the road with all the car exhaust containing chemicals and heavy metals. According to WHO, twice the number of people die from air pollution

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